Los Angeles’ February Book Club

Los Angeles’ February Book Club

About the book

Seven Days in June by Tia Williams

Brooklynite Eva Mercy is a single mom and bestselling erotica writer, who is feeling pressed from all sides. Shane Hall is a reclusive, enigmatic, award-winning literary author who, to everyone’s surprise, shows up in New York.

When Shane and Eva meet unexpectedly at a literary event, sparks fly, raising not only their past buried traumas, but the eyebrows of New York’s Black literati. What no one knows is that twenty years earlier, teenage Eva and Shane spent one crazy, torrid week madly in love. They may be pretending that everything is fine now, but they can’t deny their chemistry – or the fact that they’ve been secretly writing to each other in their books ever since.

Over the next seven days in the middle of a steamy Brooklyn summer, Eva and Shane reconnect, but Eva’s not sure how she can trust the man who broke her heart, and she needs to get him out of New York so that her life can return to normal. But before Shane disappears again, there are a few questions she needs answered…

With its keen observations of Black life and the condition of modern motherhood, as well as the consequences of motherless-ness, Seven Days in June is by turns humorous, warm and deeply sensual.

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Feb 22 2023


February 22nd at 7 PM
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Akasha, 9543 Culver Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90232


Melissa Henderson

Other Hosts

Erica Warfield


  1. NICOLE Buller says:

    Is there going to be something on the table or do I check in with the hostess to direct me to the table we will be at?

    • Amanda Gloss says:

      Hi Nicole! The reservation should be under your hosts name, so you can ask the hostess where they’re seated to make it easier for you.

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